Nike Koduck Svg

Dive into the world of creativity and whimsy with our Koduck Nike SVG PNG design. This unique fusion of the iconic Nike logo and the lovable Pokemon character, Psyduck, brings a playful charm to your apparel, accessories and digital projects.


  1. High-Quality Design: Expertly crafted to ensure sharp lines and vibrant colors, maintaining its quality at any size.

  2. SVG and PNG Formats: Available in versatile file formats for seamless integration into various digital and print projects.

  3. Customizable: Modify colors, sizes and other elements to suit your creative vision, allowing for personalized adaptations.

  4. Playful and Unique: Combines the recognizable style of Nike with the beloved Pokemon character, Psyduck, adding a touch of whimsy to your designs.

Usage Ideas:

  • Personalize t-shirts, hoodies or hats with the Koduck Nike design for a playful look.
  • Design custom mugs, water bottles or phone cases featuring the Koduck Nike design.
  • Create fun stickers or decals for laptops, notebooks or water bottles.
  • Print posters or banners for Pokemon-themed parties, events or gatherings.
  • Share the design on social media to celebrate the fun fusion of Nike and Pokemon.

Note: This product is for digital download only. No physical items will be shipped. Customize and print as many copies as you need for personal or commercial use. Bring a smile to Pokemon fans' faces with the Nike Koduck design, blending two iconic worlds into one delightful creation.


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