Volvo Logo Embroidery Design Download

Volvo Logo Embroidery Design Download

Rev up your stitching projects with our Volvo Logo Embroidery Design Download! This sleek and iconic design showcases the renowned Volvo logo, perfect for adding a touch of automotive flair to your embroidery creations.

5 sizes option available for purchase

Height: 15.9 mm Width 115.4 mm = 5901 Stitches

Height: 19.8 mm Width 144.1 mm = 7651 Stitches

Height: 24.7 mm Width 180.1 mm = 10158 Stitches

Height: 30.7 mm Width 225.0 mm = 13633 Stitches

Height: 38.3 mm Width 281.2 mm = 18541 Stitches

Key Features:

  1. Sleek Volvo Logo Design: Our embroidery design showcases the recognizable Volvo logo, known for its sleek and modern aesthetic. Whether you are a Volvo enthusiast or creating gifts for car lovers, this design is sure to impress with its clean lines and bold presence.

  2. High-Quality Stitching: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this embroidery design ensures a professional and polished finish. The intricate details of the Volvo logo are faithfully reproduced with vibrant threadwork, resulting in a striking and accurate depiction.

  3. Compatibility with Multiple Machines: Our design is compatible with a variety of embroidery machine formats, including DST, EXP, HUS, SEW, PCS, PES, JEF, VIP, VP3 and XXX, ensuring versatility and accessibility for embroiderers using different machines.

  4. Simple Download Process: Accessing our embroidery design is quick and convenient – it's available for instant download. Once downloaded, you can effortlessly transfer the design to your embroidery machine and begin stitching without delay, allowing you to showcase your affinity for Volvo vehicles with ease.

  5. Various Size Options: Available in multiple sizes, this design offers flexibility to suit a range of embroidery projects. Whether you are embellishing apparel, accessories or automotive-themed items, you can select the size that best fits your creative vision.

Note: Prior to downloading, please select the format compatible with your embroidery machine. With our Volvo Logo Embroidery Design, you can add a touch of automotive excellence to your projects!


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