DC United Logo Embroidery Design

Capture the spirit of D.C. United, one of Major League Soccer's most iconic teams, with our meticulously crafted DC United Logo Embroidery Design. This intricately detailed design pays homage to the rich history and passionate fan base of the club, making it a must-have for any soccer enthusiast or DC United supporter.

2 sizes option available for purchase                           Embroidery Hoop Sizes
Height: 85.8 mm Width 80.8 mm = 8265 Stitches                     4x4  inch hoop
Height: 107.3 mm Width 100.9 mm = 25483 Stitches                 5x7  inch hoop

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this embroidery design features the iconic DC United logo, with its bold eagle motif and striking black-and-red color scheme. Every stitch is carefully executed to ensure the logo's integrity and vibrancy, making it stand out on any fabric or garment.

Whether you are creating custom apparel, accessories, or decor, our DC United Logo Embroidery Design is the perfect way to showcase your love for the team. From jerseys and caps to banners and scarves, this design adds a touch of team spirit to any project.

Join the ranks of loyal DC United fans and proudly display the team's emblem with our premium-quality embroidery design. Whether you are cheering from the stands or representing your favorite team in style, this design is sure to score big with soccer fans everywhere.


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